Frequently Asked Pressure Washing Questions

There are different pressures associated with pressure washing and soft washing, depending on the surface. Our professionals can determine which type of washing is best for your surface, depending on its composition, durability, and location. Some materials will respond better to careful soft-washing, while some harder materials can be safely washed at higher pressure.

Dirt and grim will build up on your roof over time, due to simply being outside, but eventually algae, moss, or other debris may become a factor as well, creating a hazardous, unhealthy environment for your roof and home. When you neglect to clean your roof after bad weather, these circumstances can arise. 

High-pressure washing is appropriate for some very sturdy areas, hardscapes like sidewalks and driveways. However, even seemingly resilient areas like your fence or deck can be damaged by high pressure if they are not handled properly. Professionals should handle high-pressure washing equipment in order to decrease the risk of damaging your home. Here at Revival, we use completely safe soft-washing techniques when high pressure is not appopriate.

We do not use harsh chemicals during our washing process. We would never use any product that could endanger you or your loved ones, regardless of its cleaning power. The chemical solutions we use are perfectly safe and highly effective. 

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